this new method Enables you to Coach executives, project groups and management teams,
(or any other coaching client)
from start to finish
within one business day

Join the "1-Day Executive Coaching"
Online Master class AND LEARN HOW

When you move around the world of businesses people and corporate executives...

Have you ever felt daunted by the what it may take to coach a high-level executive, influencing thousands of lives and millions of dollars?

Have you struggled to get a grip on what is actually important in the workings of a 7,000 employees-large division of a global corporation? What goals should it focus on?

Did you ever lose a client to a competing coach or consultant because your quote included a mandatory 20-hours intake fee, just so that you could begin to understand the client?

Time Is Money. Being a coach in a corporate or business environment can be tough. The people you work with are used to fast, measurable results. They have little patience for lengthy processes with 'soft' intangible outcomes, and they really don't like to pay for the time you spend just to understand what is going on.

Your chances of landing the job are closely tied to your ability to assure fast, tangible and measurable results. However, most coaching methods are not fast nor precise enough for you to give this assurance.

This coaching method is the solution you need!

(And it works just as well for business owners or executives wishing to improve their own results)

Now, you can master this unique coaching method without leaving your desk.

“What if you could analyze any situation, any problem, and identify the few critical outputs that are necessary to achieve success?
What if you could identify and devise the most meaningful, the most ambitious (yet attainable) goal that would bring your client as close as possible to this success?
What if you could then devise with your client the work-plan most likely reach this goal?
What if you could do all that within
one day?”



So what exactly is 1-Day executive coaching?

1-Day Executive Coaching is an innovative coaching method that can be applied to any situation and is especially suitable to the world of corporations, businesses and other organizations. 

It is based upon Results-Focused Coaching, a unique coaching methodology developed in Israel. It uses a set of powerful tools and processes to quickly analyze the significant results in any situation/system and identify critical outputs, values, blocks and strategic objectives. It then helps the client identify and define the one goal that will most advance him towards his success, and helps create a concise work plan to achieve it—all within one working day!

Organizations where this method was used successfully includes Financial institutions, Government agencies, Military units, Manufacturing organizations and small businesses. It was used to coach CEOs, Managers at all levels, Business owners, High-ranking Officers and even local and national level politicians.

The Masterclass will teach you the principles and tools and enable you, upon completion, to practice the method successfully with corporates and business clients of any size and in any industry.

The class is best suited for people with coaching, business or corporate environment background. However, no prior knowledge is required.

"My name is Alfred LOUA, from Cote d’Ivoire. I’m the founder and CEO of MBCAfrica.

In the pursuit of finding a coaching approach that can work for CEOs, I bought the 1-Day executive coaching book on amazon. The content was just what I needed for my client. attending the 1-day executive coaching masterclass was the normal thing to do. The class delivers far above my expectation.

What I found great in this class is the learning by doing pattern it offers. When I volunteered to be interviewed in depth about my position and build my results-map, I not only learned how to build the map, but also gained insights from the master coach.

This is a methodology you learn today and be able to start applying it the same day.
I gained my first paying client before I got my certificate.

Shmaya is talented enough to turn the method into plain and easy to digest sessions of learning. Class materials are clear and the class starts and finish on time.

I personally recommend this class to anyone who needs to handle, effectively and quickly, strategic and operational challenges. For executive coaches, if you value preeminence of results over credentials, this is a must “coaching class” to buy.  You will get more much more value than the cash you put in. You may not end with an ICF credentials, but this can get the business results you need in a short time and produce business results quickly."

SO How will you know if this is the right training for you?

⇒Do you coach managers, executives, project teams or do similar work in a corporate or a business environment?

⇒Are you yourself a manager or an executive, looking to improve your own performance or that of your team?

⇒Are you doing consulting for businesses or non-profit organizations?

⇒Do you own a business that you wish to improve?

⇒Are you a manager looking to improve your department's performance?

⇒Are you always on the look-out for new and exciting tools and methods to increase your abilities and improve your efficiency?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above than this training is certainly for you.

But - this training is not for everyone!

This method is not a good fit for people who prefer to leave things in vague, uncertain terms. If you prefer generalities over specifics than this system is not for you.

It is not a good fit for people who believe that the laws of cause-and-effect can be circumvented by some divine intervention summoned by humans at will, or that "Thinking it" can ever replace "Doing it" when trying to achieve anything. 

This is also not a good fit for people who lean towards Psychological explanations and focus on motivations rather than on results. If you insist on delving into your client's psychology, this system will not help you at all. We don't really care WHY things are the way they are. We deal with the WHAT. What is. What the client wishes to change. What needs to be done to achieve it.

How easier would it be to sell your services when you can promise results quicker than anyone else?

How much more money could you make when selling your service is easy, and fulfilling the service takes only a fraction of what it used to take with traditional methods?

How confident would you feel when you master a method that can handle practically any situation in any organization, or be turned around and used to coach a single individual just as fast

People who read the 1-Day Executive Coaching book wrote about it on Amazon:

"I was a business coach for almost twenty years and have read a large number of books on "coaching". Very few have equaled this in approach, the detail it includes, the ideas and suggestions and the systematic approach it offers." ARTHUR W.

"Numerous resources are provided and available to the reader, as is a whole host of easy to read information and guidance. A must for business owners, managers and coaches" A. REILY

"it delivers on the promises...a very precise system that is clearly defined and explained with simple examples" ROBERT J.

(You can read many more similar praising reviews on Amazon.com)

Just the other day we received this email: "I am finding your book to be a great resource.  I have the kindle copy from Amazon and have not completed reading it yet.  So far it is worth 100 times what I paid.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise."  John Turner


We guarantee your satisfaction!

The "1-Day Executive Coaching" method is tried and true and we are 100% positive that you will find it just as powerful and useful a tool as we state it to be.

All that we ask for is your honest commitment to participate in the class, do the exercises, and raise your hand in class or by email, whenever something is not clear to you. 

However, if you do all this and for any reason you are still not satisfied with the class or the results, send us an email and we will refund the entire course fee to the last dollar. No administration fees, no subtractions, no surprises, No questions. Just your money back with our thanks for your time. 

We will even go beyond this. Honestly, you can only appreciate the results properly after the class ends. Therefore your 30 days money-back guarantee period will be counted only from the date of the last online session. Fair enough? We think that this is a risk-free offer as you could find.

Learning is better with friends!

It is always more fun to study with friends. When studying coaching methods, it is even more important to have someone that you feel comfortable to exercise with.

This is why we are giving you the best FREE BONUS ever
for this Masterclass only – you can add one friend of your own choosing to be your study partner and join the Masterclass with you for no additional cost!

That’s right – after your registration is processed, you will be asked to send us the contact details of one person. This person will then receive a special invitation to join the class as a Balcony seat attendant – for free!

As a balcony attendant, your partner will enjoy all the benefits of the Masterclass. He or she will be able to join the online session, access the recordings and other materials, get support and even be certified upon completion of the tasks – without paying a single cent. The one and only limitation of a balcony seat is that your partner will not be able to use audio-video interactivity during the online session. However, he or she will be able to participate, ask questions and submit answers using the live text-chat feature.

This bonus not only effectively cuts your tuition fee in half, it will also enhance your learning and increase your enjoyment of the learning process, because learning is better with friends!

There is, however, a catch here. We already have some balcony seats taken, and we can accommodate only 9 5 more study partners in this class. After those places are filled – this bonus is gone. So better not waste any time in registering, or you may lose out on this crazy one-time bonus.Register now!

OK. Now that we agreed that you want to participate, that your investment is guaranteed, and that it is the most exciting coaching system to study, Here is the next step:

please use the form below to register to the class. We regret that we do not yet have the ability to process International credit cards directly. Instead, we use Paypal, which is even better for you.

upon completion of the registration you will be automatically taken to PaYpal to complete the transaction. the process is performed on paypal's secure servers. We are not exposed to your credit information at all.

Note: we had some requests in the past to allow payment by direct transfer. We do not recommend it as this method is slow and more expensive to you. however, if you wish to pay this way, send us an email to support@ecoachingsuccess.com and we will send you a payment request (for US residents only) or a wire-transfer account (SWIFT) details. 
Please note that there are only 9 interactive seats in the class and that your place is not secure until the payment is processed. With bank transfers This can take up to 5 days. 

Fill out my online form.

I have been offered the course after reading the 1Day Executive"
Coaching book by Shmaya David. Since I loved the book and it was very clear he knows what he's talking about, it was an easy choice. After all, no matter how much you love the book, it doesn't offer you a certificate...

Goes great on the CV, and can be even better if you want to work for yourself. Since I am the sort of a person whom others go to an advice... and yes, I am loving it! It just seemed like a right decision.

Shmaya - the tutor, is not a native English speaker. It doesn't matter at all. Charismatic and helpful, it is obvious he knows his stuff and does honestly care.

Filled with practical exercises, and backed by the solid backbone of psychology, course is equipped to get you to the point where you can confidently say you got it. I loved the psychology part, because it was immediately obvious that we will make a positive difference in someone's life by going through the system with them. To be a part of something that delivers, because it cares about the people behind the idea... very hard thing to say no to.

If you have your own business, if you aspire for a high management or you are person who cares and wants to help others to run a business without burning themselves, this is a great way to make a difference, and make a nice money doing what you love."

Robert Jirda. from London
An NLP practitioner and Reiki Master Healer, Author of 8 books.

"BUT WHAT IF...?" (Questions Some People Asked)

- What if I miss a class?
It is best to attend and participate, but if you must, all the materials will be recorded and available to you within a few days of the class.

- I already have other commitments for some of the scheduled classes. Can I register with my promotion coupon now and join the next class?
Sorry, no. The number of participants in each     class is limited and we want all registrants to attend. Also, any special coupons related to this class will not be valid for the next.

- I noticed that your English is not native. Your grammar is sometimes funny and there are some typos here and there. Is this the level of language I can expect at the class?
Yes. We are an Israeli operation. Shmaya's English is perfectly understandable, but   it is not native We believe that the value we offer offsets this ten-fold, and the feedback from our graduates concurs. However, If this bothers you, than maybe this class isn't for you.

- I never did business with an Israeli outfit before. How can I be sure that this is not a scam?
Look up our graduates - they are real people. We also encourage you to Google "Shmaya David", Check his author page on Amazon.com and especially to look up Shmaya's profile on Linkedin, and see for yourself that he is a respected author, coach and business person. Please also note that by paying through Paypal you are entitled to the protection of Paypal's dispute mechanism. If disputed, Paypal will automatically cancel your payment within a few days unless we can positively prove to them that the dispute is unfounded. Your money is safe.

- How many students will be in the class?
We can accommodate up to 9 interactive (audio/visual) students at any given     time. In some cases, we also offer "Balcony Seats" with limited interaction during   class (by text only). 

- How many hours will I need to put in for this?
The class is planned for roughly 46 academic hours over 8 weeks. You have               additional 6 weeks to submit your practicum for certification purposes (Later             submission is possible but may require additional fees). So you will probably need 3-5 hours a week on average.

- I am still not sure. Can I wait a bit to consider this longer?
Yes you can, but you will probably miss this class and prove the old saying -             "
Procrastination is the killer of dreamsRegister now!